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Explore our collection of organic and natural skincare products, thoughtfully formulated to harness the wonders of nature to nurture and support you in achieving healthy, radiant skin without compromising your well-being. 
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Anti-Aging Eye Serum

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Product Details
: 20ml

Integrating an eye serum into your skincare routine is crucial for addressing the specific needs of the delicate eye area, as emphasised by our Anti-Aging Eye Serum.

Beyond its role in smoothing fine lines and providing essential nourishment, an eye serum plays a pivotal role in safeguarding this sensitive zone, often the first to display signs of aging.

Our serum is enriched with natural, antioxidant-rich botanicals that act as a shield against free radicals, fostering skin repair, and minimising the appearance of wrinkles.

Packed with Vitamin E, B3, Provitamin B5, antioxidants, and skin-renewing extracts, our eye serum not only nurtures but also fortifies, offering comprehensive care to combat the effects of environmental aggressors.

INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Aloe vera extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Vitis vinifera seed oil, Rosa canina seed oil, Squalane, Tocopherol, Panthenol, Carbomer, Niacinamide, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Pelargonium graveolens, Lavendula alternifolia, Boswellia serrata


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